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"acapella is a challenge, it is a lifestyle"


acapella sextet

The vocal sextet under the name of Za5 has been active since 2016. They perform concerts all over the Czech Republic and have achieved success in the form of placing at the gold level at the Jirkovský Písňovar competition (from 2018 and 2021) and a special prize for an original author's arrangement. In 2023, they took part in the international Festival of Songs, where they won the gold medal and at the same time the main prize for the best ensemble in the Vocalis Bellus competition.

The choir consists of Kateřina Vašíčková (soprano), Monika Ovčáčíková (soprano), Markéta Jiříčková (alto), Martin Pospíšil (tenor), Ondřej Vašíček (bass-baritone), Tomáš Béza (bass-baritone, beatbox).

The artistic leader is Kateřina Vašíčková. She studied opera singing at JAMU in Brno and also worked as a solo singer at the Moravian Theater in Olomouc. Now she works, among other things, as a choir leader, voice consultant and lecturer. In addition to being the artistic leader of the group, she is also the arranger, composer and soul of the whole ensemble.

Awards, matters of interest, …

In 2018 – Gold Level - the Jirkovský Písňovar competition

They were part of the live broadcast of Radio Proglas

In 2019 - they performed at a joint concert alongside the most successful Czech acappella group SKETY

In 2021 – Gold level, prize for original arrangements – the Jirkovský Písňovar competition¨

Making the music video for the song Sunny Grave

In 2022 - Making the music video for the song You came to us, Baby Jesus

In 2023 - Gold medal and main prize of the Vocalis Bellus competition within the Olomouc Festival of Songs international festival